My First Java Program

Being an embedded software engineer who has mostly written software in C/C++ (more C than C++), when the opportunity to work on a side project for a PC program I jumped at the chance. Given that my employer doesn’t have many Visual C++ license (the development environment I’m most familiar with), I decided that the program should be written in Java. We don’t have a need for multiple platform usage but Java being free to develop with, it fits my company’s budget :).

The program needs to parse a Motorola S-Record file and display data from the file. The data fields pulled from the file need to be displayed as different types of data. The fields will be displayed as either ASCII, Raw Hex (exactly as read from S-Record), or unsigned 32-bit data. The only difference between Raw Hex and unsigned 32-bit data is that the 32-bit data is prefixed with “0x”.

There will be a variable number of fields read from each S-Record. The current plan is to the store the data fields in a config file as an XML file. Next installment, parsing the XML file.

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