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Moving icons between homescreens

I might be the only one that didn’t know this about Android but I stumbled on this the other day and couldn’t find this in the guide or anywhere else for that matter. You can move an app icon between homescreens by dragging the icon to the edge of the screen and waiting for the homescreen to shift and then drop the icon on the new homescreen. I swear I tried this back when I had 2.0 on my Droid. I didn’t try it again until 2.2 but it definitely works now. It works on the default home app and LauncherPro.

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Michigan State Representative Joe Hune forgets who he works for

After reading, Hune supports repealing stem cell law, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend’s dad when I was in my late teens or early twenties, I guess he was my friend too since we would visit him as often as my friend. Since this was before the internet, politicians spent more time going door to door, especially local government politicians. When the politician came to his door trying to win his vote, my friend’s dad asked him one question: “If an issue comes up for you to vote on where you have firm beliefs but these beliefs differ from your constituents, how would you vote?” The politician said that he would have to vote his convictions. At this point my friend’s dad told the politician that he had just lost a vote because he believed that no matter what the politician’s personal beliefs were, he/she is obligated to vote the will of their constituency. This conversation struck a cord with me and has stuck with me for 20 or so years and every election time I think about it. If I ever end up in a similar situation, I plan to ask this same question to the politician and hope to get a better response.

Michigan State Representative Joe Hune R-47th district, who is term limited in his current office is running for the Michigan State Senate serving roughly the same constituents, has said he will vote his convictions instead of the majority of the people he serves. I find this position reprehensible. I don’t particularly care which side of this or any issue you or politicians believe in, the politician is there to serve the people that elected him. This article shows that he does not believe in Lincoln’s words about the government being “… for the people…”. I don’t usually comment on political issues because, among other things, it is very frustrating to see the crap our politicians call campaigns every few years. This usually makes not want to vote for either Democrat or Republican. I believe the 2-party system that dominates our political landscape makes it very difficult for people with different ideas to make the difference that many of them went into politics for in the first place. Of course by positing this, I’m going against one of the things my dad told me when I was growing up, never talk money, politics or religion with your friends assuming you want to keep them as friends.

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