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What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

I bought this book on audible as a spontaneous purchase because it was on sale and I wanted something to listen to while on vacation. I have been running for about 2 year but don’t yet consider myself a runner. I probably should consider a runner since I have completed 3 half-marathons, 2 of those were under 2 hours, and I even run in the dead of winter when the temperature is down around -20 Fahrenheit (I’d convert to Celsius for everyone else in the world but its so close to the same temperature and ridiculously cold anyway).

As an aspiring runner (not sure this makes any sense to say), this book was extremely motivational and inspiring. After reading, or listening if you prefer, to this book, it made me want to run more and push to train for that full marathon.

The author’s regular training schedule is at least 6 miles/day, 6 days a week. I would love to have this kind of time and dedication. The author has run the original marathon route in reverse, from Athens to Marathon. When I discuss running a full marathon with a colleague of mine, he always reminds me that the original marathon runner died after delivering his message or so goes the myth. He stated that the route today is a busy roadway that is not a very good route and it is a bit short of the official marathon distance of 26.2 miles (42.195km).

The author’s description of his training and racing issues also helps keep things in perspective. Being competitive, I always want to set a PR (Personal Record) in each race. This has been fairly easy to do since its early in my running and its easy to improve when you start out as a slow runner.

In summary, I found this book very inspirational. Now its time to get out there and start the training for my first full marathon.

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