Knee Surgery to Marathon in 27 weeks?

Last fall I tore the Meniscus in my left knee. I spent several months trying to avoid surgery before the doctor ordered an MRI to diagnose the meniscus was torn. I was able to only run a little from November to March when I finally had the surgery.

It has now been a month since the surgery and I just completed my first 5k run. The run was a bit slow, just under 29 minutes, considering my best was 23:22. I’d like to get below 27 min for a 5k race I plan to run with co-workers in early May. The weakness of the muscles around the knee (picture of the loss of muscle tone in one leg, fair warning not for the feint of heart) have been the biggest surprise considering the other leg isn’t as bad and I haven’t been running on 1 leg for the last few months 🙂 

My secondary goal for this year is to run a full marathon. I tried this goal last year but didn’t quite make it for various reasons including the knee injury but also work was crazy due to the Japan earthquake/tsunami. In addition, I’ve had a bit of a training wall at the 3 hour mark that I have to work my way through as I increase my distance of the next few months.

I have a little over 27 weeks to train for the Free Press Marathon. Assuming I continue to make progress as I have so far and I can get by the wall in my training, this should be enough time.

This is my public, maybe not well known or popular, but very public goal to run a marathon this year. This should be sufficient motivation to ensure that I keep up on the training and barring injury, achieve my goal of running my first marathon.

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