Training with Technology

I’m an engineer who loves data. This means that I track every mile I run. I’ve been using RunKeeper recently. I have an Android phone that I love but the 4.3” screen is difficult to carry when I run. I have a Garmin Forerunner 205 that I love and now that I can import my data directly from the watch to RunKeeper, I plan to put all my training data there.

I will still maintain my spreadsheet log just because RunKeeper owns my data and if/when they get bought out, I don’t want to lose my training history. I found this excel spreadsheet, a few years ago and it has proven to be an effective log that I keep in my dropbox so I can view on any device. I’ve tried to convert it to a google doc but it doesn’t work well with the complex formulas and macros. It has more information than I really like some of the info including the tracking of mileage on shoes.

I keep eyeing the latest training devices but so far have been able to resist. I’m looking at the Motoactv but I only wear a watch when I run so some of the activity info would be lost for me. I like the form factor for the FitBit but lacks the GPS function that I depend on so I don’t have to have fixed running paths.

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