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Day 22 – 5k Race

This was my first race post surgery. I hoped to finish in under 28 minutes and as usually, even though I know better, I got swept up in the crowd and went out very strong and faded back to where I had planned to be. All in all I feel good and it was a good race. The scenery was terrible but I coworkers and friends from my local running group so it was a good day. I finished 9th out of 14 runners in  my age group which is lower than I normally do but the top 5 in my age group all ran 6:20 min/mile or less. I’ve haven’t been able to run that fast since I was 10 or 11.

I read this,, earlier today and it reminded me not to focus on running time all the time. Since this was race day, running times rule but I going to try to focus on the quality of the run not just the times. This is going to be difficult given my competitive nature. I have a business trip to Poland in a little over a week. Assuming we don’t work too many hours and/or have too many drinks with dinner, I hope to get at least 1 run with some pictures to show off. I will be in Częstochowa, Poland in southwestern part of the country. This will be my first trip to Poland, certainly not my first business trip, but still looking forward to the new place and meeting all the people in our office that I talked on the phone with for the last 4+ years.

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