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Another 3 mile run

Since it is winter in the northern Midwest, I continually have to work around the weather. I got a 3 mile run in before the sleet and snow today. Pace is getting a little faster at 8:47 so I really pleased with the progress. I don’t think I’ll make my desired pace for my upcoming 5k since it is only 1 week away but we’ll see. I only need to shave 45 seconds total out of the run to get there, might actually be possible with the extra adrenaline. This assumes that the weather is reasonable. I’ve had 10 runs so far this month, which is really good for the amount of time I’ve had over the last year and also for the snowy month of January. Hopefully I can keep this up for the and meet my mileage goal this year.


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College Scholarship weekend

My daughter was invited to apply for a full ride scholarship to her preferred university. She spent several hours writing an essay doing a group problem solving project and being interviewed. There will be over 1000 people competing for 20 spots. Seems an unlikely proposition but just showing up she should get about 1/2 off her first year’s tuition. Not too bad for a day’s work. While she was going through the program, the parents spent a few hours getting information about the university itself. It was pretty useful and we learned some things that we could pass along to our daughter. The most important detail we found out was that the Honors college within the university will only add a little extra work but should provide her some significant advantages from early registration and extra advisor. The only real extra work is a senior thesis.

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Snowy run today

After a busy couple of busy days, I finally got to go out for a run today. Finally got my 3 mile time under 27 min, 26:56, but still under.It was a bit snowy and cold but not bad enough to stop me. I wore the new shirt I got so I would be more visible to the cars when I run during the week around dusk,,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-689571/pgid-509335. It’s alot brighter than I would normally like but it meets the visibility criteria. I like the extra long sleeves with the thumb hole, it keeps my wrists warm. Not much else to say.


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Sub-zero temperatures

Today was the first deep freeze of the winter. We had temperatures around during 5 Fahrenheit (about -15 Celsius). I got home from work early enough for a run before dark but the risk of frost bite was a little too great to chance it. Stuck at 22/725 for at least one more day.

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Windy, Cold Run

Woke up this morning to the house being hammered by winds up to 50mph. By mid-afternoon, winds had calmed to 20+mph causing a windchill of -1 F so I decided I would go a for a run before the playoffs start. Went 3 miles today and it felt good but it was damn cold. Just can’t seem to get my pace under 9:00 min/mile although running half my run into that frigid wind took alot out of me. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is calling for more cold for at least the next week. I have a new bright green shirt on order to make it easier for the cars to see me a little better which should give me a little more piece of mind. 

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Quick Training Run

Went out today in the cold for a quick run after work. Did a 2 mile run before it got dark. I split the run into half mile increments with a plan to shave 10s off each and planned to shave 10 seconds off each half mile increment. Went well overall and accomplished my goal but I’m still short of my goal for my 5k on Super Sunday. I signed up for a race on Feb-3 and would like run sub 26min. I’ve done it before but I’m not quite at that pace now. Although things are usually faster on race day with the crowd and adrenaline. Still have 2 weeks of training so there is still a chance of making the goal. We’ll see how it goes.

Mile 17/725

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Got my run in between the ran and the snow today. Just a quick 2 miler to get some speed work in. Would like to get my 5k time under 26 min by Feb 3 for the super 5k race. Not sure I’ll make it am since I came a little short on the 2 miles today, but it still felt good. Hope to get back out on Tuesday unless it snows and the shoulder isn’t clear enough. I should really try to run around the office since there are sidewalks and streetlights.

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Run goal for 2013

I set a running goal of 725 miles for 2013. The most I’ve done in a year is 609 so this is pretty aggressive. I set the same goal for 2012 but came up short due to knee surgery in March an no running until April. This is only ~14 miles per week which should be doable especially with a half marathon on the schedule for before the half way point through the year. I’ve only got 13 miles on the year so far but I’ve committed to myself to leave work early at least 1 day per week until it is light enough where it won’t matter anymore, even booked an appointment in my work calendar. If I can stick to my training plan, I should be more than halfway there by June, fingers crossed.

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Out of Date

I haven’t been paying any attention to my blog(s) at all for the past 6 months or so. Most likely because I don’t put remember to write, don’t think I have enough to say, constantly rethink to the point of nothing getting out, not convinced I have enough to write a lengthy blog post and not willing to just write a short entry. I’ve tried to use both Tumblr and WordPress so far and I think I’m going to stick with Tumblr. I think the WordPress format is more flexible and can accommodate more complex content but Tumblr has the more social aspect and seems less formal. This less formal aspect is what keeps drawing me back. I’m not going to pretend to be a writer, I’ve never been much of one but I continue to get this nagging feeling to document at least some part of my life. Still not sure why but I’m going to make a concerted effort again.

Since my last update I completed my first Marathon in Detroit, Runkeeper Data. The data did not import correctly from my Garmin watch, not sure why. I was on my target pace of 10:00 min/mile for the first half of the race. Analyzing the data now, I see that I started to fade at about mile 12. The cramps in the calves started around mile 14 or 15. I have had cramping problems around the 15 mile mark in 2011 which made me decide not to run the marathon and then I tore the meniscus in my left knee just before the marathon would have run so I guess it was lucky I didn’t sign up. During the 2012 training, I was able to make runs of 17, 19, and 22 without cramps in warmer and more humid weather than the Detroit Free Press marathon. I went into the run with what I felt was a conservative pace given my training but the wheels still feel off.

Even with my disappointment in my race, I finished. I am in the small percentage of people that have finished a marathon. In addition to just finishing, I surprised myself with my mental toughness just to complete with the cramps. There were several point especially on Belle Isle where I just wanted to say the hell with it and go home. I didn’t and I survived. I’m not sure I’ll put myself through that level of training and the grueling race again. I’m planning to run several 5k, trying to get my pace back, and a half marathon,, which I have run before and it is a great and challenging run. I have to convince my self that every new race doesn’t have to be a PR. Not only does this race give me a goal to reach for but it is a great race. I love running through the small town of Dexter, MI and then through the rural are, the big hill in the middle of the run and then finish line hill that takes it out you while entering the City of Ann Arbor, MI. The food at the right after the finish line is another huge plus to the run.

Well that is enough blabbering for this post. 

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Crash Test Diver

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