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Office without Windows

I work in a building that used to be a factory that was converted to office space. I’m not sure when the building was built, but the majority of the building has no windows to the outside world. We are currently remodeling some of building but there are no plans to add windows. The people are frustrated that we still won’t have any natural light and will be stuck with just the miserable fluorescent lights most offices have. Somebody took their frustration out but using the CAD plotter to print some windows and hung them on an inside wall. This is as close to seeing the outside we will get in this area of the building. I can go a whole without even seeing if it gets light outside at all. In the winter, I come into the office before sunrise and often leave after sunset. Everyone I’ve talked to about this has found it funny and I’m curious how long they will stay before somebody takes them down and throws them away.

2013-02-19 16.52.47

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Running in Florida

We went to Florida for a Gymnastics meet this past weekend. The weather in Orlando was much better than Michigan but cold for Orlando. Even with the cooler temperatures for the area, it was perfect running weather, in the 40’s and 50’s. I ran 3 days in a row with a 5 miler on the last day. Each run was at less than 9 min/mile pace, which is very satisfying. It was so nice to just be able to throw on a shirt and shorts and go running. Having to get all bundled up and run in the below freezing temperatures is getting old. It looks like the weather is breaking in Michigan, so I have to start increasing the mileage to get ready for my half marathon. In addition, the group I ran the GLR with is looking at several runs over the next few months that I might join. The first is a 5k/10k/25k run in Grand Rapids. Not sure which distance the group is thinking, but the 25k might be a difficult thing to do at that time. The 25k just 3 weeks before the half marathon might not be a good idea, I think the 10k fits the training better but we’ll see what the rest of the group is doing. I had to skip the North Country Trail Relay last year, due to my knee surgery and it looks like I’ll have to miss it this year as well due to my daughter’s graduation party.


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Nice Winter Run

I decided to go run today. After shoveling snow earlier in the day, it was still right around freezing so all in all not a bad day. Ran an 8:37 pace which is the fastest I’ve run in quite a while. My training is going better this year than last year. I’ve forced myself to leave work at a reasonable hour more often this year than I was able to last year. If I can keep it up, I should be in good shape for the half-marathon in early June, Dexter to Ann Arbor Run. Now that I achieved my 5k goal on SuperBowl Sunday, I can now start adding the longer runs into my training. We have a gymnastics meet in Florida next weekend, so I hope to get a couple of runs in the warm weather over the weekend. Looking forward to not having to get bundled up to go for a run.


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Nice day for a winter run. @rngfit

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Zombie Outbreak Stickers

Saw these stickers on a car today. Thought the hunting one was a real hunting permit until I read more carefully. Got a chuckle out of them.

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Super 5k Results

The results are posted for the Super 5k I ran this past Sunday. My expectations are realistic, I like to finish in the top 3rd of my age group. I was close this time at 36%. Looking at the overall results, I’m at 27%. This is a bit curious to me. My age group was the largest in the race for both male and female. Its possible that this is because of it was Super Bowl Sunday and only older people felt the need to get out in the cold and snow to burn off calories before the game. I’m wondering if it is just that people of my age are more active runners, just curious.

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My daughter is a gymnast but not an Olympian

My daughter is a gymnast. The first question most people ask, “Is she going to the Olympics?” Why would people assume that she might even have a chance at the Olympics. Only 4 or 5 women make it to the Olympics every 4 years making it a more exclusive club than any professional sports team. When somebody has a child that plays football or baseball, I don’t hear everybody asking them if they child will be going to play professional because common sense says that the odds are against it. 

By normal human being standards, my daughter is extremely talented and can do things that not only look amazing but are impossible for nearly everybody outside of this world. By Olympic standards, my daughter not even in the ballpark and she knows it as well as I do. She is a Level 7 optional and we are very proud of her. This won’t even get her onto a college team even if she wanted to. She started at the gym at the age of 3 for just a few hours a week to now at 17 where shes spend up to 20 hours a week. She says she is retiring after at the end of this season in a couple of months. She will probably continue to go to the gym through their annual banquet in May. So after 14 years, she is down to 4 months. I’m sure it will be bitter-sweet for her and there will be tears at the banquet as well.

My daughter has a t-shirt that says: “After a day of football, a gymnast would be bruised. After a day of gymnastics, a football player would be dead.” I think it is appropriate after the things I’ve seem them do.

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Running Fit Super 5K – Novi, MI

I ran in the Super 5k today as planned. It was cold, around 10F and the roads were a little snowy and icy. With the usual adrenaline flowing from the pre-race festivities, or maybe just the hopping around trying to stay warm. I intentionally went out with a fast group to try to get my time below 26:11 which my 5k last year shortly after my knee surgery. I faded a little towards the end but still beat that time fairly significant amount. I ran the race in 25:45, although my pace feel off at the end due to tired legs and the hill. All in all it was a good.

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