My daughter is a gymnast but not an Olympian

My daughter is a gymnast. The first question most people ask, “Is she going to the Olympics?” Why would people assume that she might even have a chance at the Olympics. Only 4 or 5 women make it to the Olympics every 4 years making it a more exclusive club than any professional sports team. When somebody has a child that plays football or baseball, I don’t hear everybody asking them if they child will be going to play professional because common sense says that the odds are against it. 

By normal human being standards, my daughter is extremely talented and can do things that not only look amazing but are impossible for nearly everybody outside of this world. By Olympic standards, my daughter not even in the ballpark and she knows it as well as I do. She is a Level 7 optional and we are very proud of her. This won’t even get her onto a college team even if she wanted to. She started at the gym at the age of 3 for just a few hours a week to now at 17 where shes spend up to 20 hours a week. She says she is retiring after at the end of this season in a couple of months. She will probably continue to go to the gym through their annual banquet in May. So after 14 years, she is down to 4 months. I’m sure it will be bitter-sweet for her and there will be tears at the banquet as well.

My daughter has a t-shirt that says: “After a day of football, a gymnast would be bruised. After a day of gymnastics, a football player would be dead.” I think it is appropriate after the things I’ve seem them do.

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