Nice Winter Run

I decided to go run today. After shoveling snow earlier in the day, it was still right around freezing so all in all not a bad day. Ran an 8:37 pace which is the fastest I’ve run in quite a while. My training is going better this year than last year. I’ve forced myself to leave work at a reasonable hour more often this year than I was able to last year. If I can keep it up, I should be in good shape for the half-marathon in early June, Dexter to Ann Arbor Run. Now that I achieved my 5k goal on SuperBowl Sunday, I can now start adding the longer runs into my training. We have a gymnastics meet in Florida next weekend, so I hope to get a couple of runs in the warm weather over the weekend. Looking forward to not having to get bundled up to go for a run.


Nice day for a winter run. @rngfit

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2 thoughts on “Nice Winter Run

  1. It’s always nice to see other people toughing out these Michigan winters. Good luck at your half.

    • Yea, winter can make for rough running especially in the country but I just can’t convince myself to run on the treadmill. Its not the same and boring. I’ve run that half before and it is a nice scenic run.

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