Office without Windows

I work in a building that used to be a factory that was converted to office space. I’m not sure when the building was built, but the majority of the building has no windows to the outside world. We are currently remodeling some of building but there are no plans to add windows. The people are frustrated that we still won’t have any natural light and will be stuck with just the miserable fluorescent lights most offices have. Somebody took their frustration out but using the CAD plotter to print some windows and hung them on an inside wall. This is as close to seeing the outside we will get in this area of the building. I can go a whole without even seeing if it gets light outside at all. In the winter, I come into the office before sunrise and often leave after sunset. Everyone I’ve talked to about this has found it funny and I’m curious how long they will stay before somebody takes them down and throws them away.

2013-02-19 16.52.47

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