Two-a-day and new watch

Since it was back to near freezing temperatures, I wasn’t sure how the knee would feel and I still wanted to get a last long run before my half marathon, I decided to split the runs in early morning and evening run. The morning run went well enough at 10k with only a couple of twinges in the knee. Can’t say what the pace was since the watch somewhere after the halfway mark (at least I know the distance is correct this way). 

I’ve been using the Garmin Forerunner 205 for 2 1/2 years with no complaints. I thought the watch would be uncomfortable due to its size especially since I hate wearing watches in general. Even with the size it wasn’t uncomfortable and I loved the data. It has been displaying the battery low message after 45-60mins for about a year but would continue to work till the end of each run including my full marathon at almost 6 hours (cramps for the last 10 miles). I pulled the watch off the charger about 10 minutes before the run started and it was dead in less than 45 minutes. I’ve been planning on replacing the watch for awhile now since I knew it was a matter of time before this happened. I was doing research earlier this week and then after my shower I found this review and that sold me on this the FR210 model that I had been leaning towards. I like the smaller size and the price point is better than the FR610. I’m sure I don’t need the extra features but it is hard to resist new tech. More to come after I use the watch some more.



I ran my evening run after a little too much food (it was mother’s day after all). I ended up going out for only 4 miles since the knee was a little sore and I felt very slow. The plan is to rest the knee (maybe some bike riding if the temperature warms up this week) for the majority of the time till the race on June 2.

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