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Knee Surgery

I had my knee surgery on Wednesday and so far so good. My surgery was scheduled for 1:15 pm and with no food or drink, not even water, from midnight on I was hungry and board. We arrived around 11:15am and left around 3:30pm. I remember them giving a sedative as they started pushing me down the hall and then everything started moving in slow motion and then I work up in recovery talking to my wife and a friend that is a nurse at the hospital on the same campus as the surgery center. The next thing I remember I was getting in the wheel chair and heading out to the car. I don’t remember getting dressed at all. Very odd how the memory is kind of like Swiss cheese. I walked into our new house with minimal use of the crutches. After laying on the couch most of the day on Wednesday, I got up fairly early on Thursday and took the dog for a walk, not very far but I used only 1 crutch just to minimize the weight on the leg and still be able to hold onto the dog leash. It wan’t too bad and then I walked him later in the afternoon as well. A little sore in the evening. I went to the grocery store with my wife but this time I pulled out both crutches and kept the weight off the leg. I only took the the narcotic pain pills the day of the surgery and just ibuprofen after that. Well the countdown is on till I can get our and start running, last time it was about 4 weeks. I’m hoping to get on the bike sooner than that just to keep up the exercise and get the running back up quicker. For those that know what they are looking at, here are the pictures that I get from the doctor.

Knee Surgery 16-Oct-2013 - blurred

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Weekend 5k Race

Went to Western Michigan University for the Campus Classic 5k and to spend homecoming weekend with my daughter. It was great seeing her again after about a month she was home the last time. We had a good evening out on Friday with a little shopping after dinner, college students always need things and never have any money.  We met our daughter early Saturday morning on the campus.

2013-10-13 08.59.19 (Here we are at the Bronco statue near the start/finish line).

My daughter and I decided to go out at around 8:00 min/mile pace and see how it goes. The Western Michigan University campus is fairly hilly so this was not going to be an easy run.

Campus Classic 5k Altitude.

That initial uphill was tough and the next major hill was even tougher. I lost my daughter in the crowd early, she needs more practice in fighting through the throng of runners. Although I have an advantage of being bigger than her and I can cut my own path most of the time. I pushed it hard through the hills, a little slow during the 2nd mile, and hovered around the 8min/mile for the last mile. My daughter passed me at the 3 mile mark to finish and i did my best to catch her but she finished 7 seconds ahead of me. I finished at 25:42 officially which was about what I had been running for a 3 mile run, so I finished about a minute faster than my training pace.

After the race we all got cleaned up then went to the open house the fine arts college, my daughter is in that program in the photography program, and then went to a school sponsored homecoming tailgate for some lunch. We went to the football game and sat in the student section which was a bit crazy. Unfortunately Western’s team is in a rebuilding year and is now 0-7 on the year. Not a good year. Then we took her out for some more shopping and then out for her birthday dinner a few days early. On Sunday morning we took her out for a late breakfast and then we headed home.

All in all it was a great weekend, so nice to see our daughter again. Still trying to get used to her not being at home, but we are so proud of her. I hope to get a couple of more runs in before surgery on Wednesday.

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Running this past week

Last Week: 5 runs, 17miles (27.3km), ˜9:00 min/mile pace (6 min/km)
This Week: 2 runs, 6.2 miles (10km), ~9:00 min/mile pace (6 min/km)

I was able to run 5 times last week and just a couple of runs this week due to work. I’ve been sticking the 5k distance due to the knee issues but a couple of runs, the knee felt good so I added an extra mile to 2 of my runs. The knee has been fickle over the last few weeks going from no pain to bad limp over short distances. I’ve had runs where I thought I was going to have to turn around and go home, or a least walk home, to feels great in the span of 1/2 mile. At a minimum it lets me clear my mind and is welcome quiet time by myself away from all the other craziness.

Surgery is now less than a week away. I have 5k race this weekend with my daughter. It is the first race we ran together in a little over 4 years. She didn’t like to run but since she ended gymnastics career after 14 years, she needs something to keep in shape and running is simple and not nearly as time consuming. This race is at her university as part of the homecoming festivities. After the race we have a pre-game tailgate and then the football came. It has been a little over a month since we saw our daughter last and her 18th birthday happens to be on the same day as my surgery so we will celebrate this weekend as well. Should be a very busy but fun weekend, very much looking forward to it.

I have just over a week till surgery. After my last surgery and recovery, I ran my first mile just about a month after surgery and my first 5k about a week after that. That means I can run my first 5k by the end of November. I’ll have to look at the race calendar and see what I can find either in December or January. At the very least I will likely run the again next year.

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