Running this past week

Last Week: 5 runs, 17miles (27.3km), ˜9:00 min/mile pace (6 min/km)
This Week: 2 runs, 6.2 miles (10km), ~9:00 min/mile pace (6 min/km)

I was able to run 5 times last week and just a couple of runs this week due to work. I’ve been sticking the 5k distance due to the knee issues but a couple of runs, the knee felt good so I added an extra mile to 2 of my runs. The knee has been fickle over the last few weeks going from no pain to bad limp over short distances. I’ve had runs where I thought I was going to have to turn around and go home, or a least walk home, to feels great in the span of 1/2 mile. At a minimum it lets me clear my mind and is welcome quiet time by myself away from all the other craziness.

Surgery is now less than a week away. I have 5k race this weekend with my daughter. It is the first race we ran together in a little over 4 years. She didn’t like to run but since she ended gymnastics career after 14 years, she needs something to keep in shape and running is simple and not nearly as time consuming. This race is at her university as part of the homecoming festivities. After the race we have a pre-game tailgate and then the football came. It has been a little over a month since we saw our daughter last and her 18th birthday happens to be on the same day as my surgery so we will celebrate this weekend as well. Should be a very busy but fun weekend, very much looking forward to it.

I have just over a week till surgery. After my last surgery and recovery, I ran my first mile just about a month after surgery and my first 5k about a week after that. That means I can run my first 5k by the end of November. I’ll have to look at the race calendar and see what I can find either in December or January. At the very least I will likely run the again next year.

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