Knee Surgery

I had my knee surgery on Wednesday and so far so good. My surgery was scheduled for 1:15 pm and with no food or drink, not even water, from midnight on I was hungry and board. We arrived around 11:15am and left around 3:30pm. I remember them giving a sedative as they started pushing me down the hall and then everything started moving in slow motion and then I work up in recovery talking to my wife and a friend that is a nurse at the hospital on the same campus as the surgery center. The next thing I remember I was getting in the wheel chair and heading out to the car. I don’t remember getting dressed at all. Very odd how the memory is kind of like Swiss cheese. I walked into our new house with minimal use of the crutches. After laying on the couch most of the day on Wednesday, I got up fairly early on Thursday and took the dog for a walk, not very far but I used only 1 crutch just to minimize the weight on the leg and still be able to hold onto the dog leash. It wan’t too bad and then I walked him later in the afternoon as well. A little sore in the evening. I went to the grocery store with my wife but this time I pulled out both crutches and kept the weight off the leg. I only took the the narcotic pain pills the day of the surgery and just ibuprofen after that. Well the countdown is on till I can get our and start running, last time it was about 4 weeks. I’m hoping to get on the bike sooner than that just to keep up the exercise and get the running back up quicker. For those that know what they are looking at, here are the pictures that I get from the doctor.

Knee Surgery 16-Oct-2013 - blurred

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