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Went for a cold run today

Went for a run today with the thermometer sitting at 18 F (-8 C). The lake I’ve been running around has ice at the shore and the wind was fairly strong as well. Run went well with no knee pain. Need to get out and run more now that the knee isn’t hurting and the physical therapy seems to be helping.

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Physical therapy, more trail shoes, and ladies night?

Physical Therapy

I had some pain in my knee before my first post-surgery run which I attributed to the incisions but it seemed to go beyond that. I contacted the doctor and he believes it is weak muscles. So its back to physical therapy for 4 weeks. Turns out to be a very informative first session in that that I learned that I have probably been wearing the wrong type of shoes. I have been wearing a support style running shoe just because when I first started running, I just went to the store and picked out a pair of shoes that looked good and were comfortable. The physical therapist recommended that I should be wearing a neutral running shoe instead. The initial visit, as usual, is more of a consultation with more talking than actual therapy. After the initial sessions it was mostly the usual exercises, stretching and icing with 1 major exception. I ran on a AlterG treadmill. They set the treadmill at 50% of my weight and I ran for 10 minutes at my usual pace but it felt very strange.

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More Trail Shoes

So I went to the running store to get some neutral trail shoes. I tried on several different pairs but stuck with Brooks. I got the Ghost 6 GTX. They are very comfortable after I got the right size, more on that later. They are also warmer for the winter cold and wet with the Gore-tex®. The instep has a bright green/yellow at the bottom that has gotten several comments, not the green and grey hasn’t been noticed but that bright stripe really stands out.

Ladies Night?

I bought my usual shoe size and wore them around the house for a couple of days and they were a little tight across the top of one foot. I went back to the store on Thursday night to exchange them for the next size up and found out it was ladies night. I didn’t even know they had a ladies night at the running store. I got a few weird looks but they still spent the few minutes necessary to try on the new size and exchange my shoes. This is a fairly small running store and there were probably 20 ladies in there including the 2-3 women working, much more crowded than I’ve seen it before.

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New trail shoes

I ordered a new pair of trail running shoes, not for the trails but for the winter to keep the cold and wet out during those fall and winter runs. I ordered, Cascadia 8. I didn’t realize that they were not a support shoe especially in the arch. Typically the shoes I use have a plastic webbing that leaves a gap in the tread between the ball and heel. These shoes are completely flat on the bottom and seem too flexible through the arch.

I didn’t wear them outside of around the living room because I didn’t want to get stuck with them. I guess I’ll just get another pair of the ASR Adrenaline. The shoes were comfortable but the shoes seem to be much softer than the regular running shoes since I only have 180 miles and the outside edge of the heel is worn much more than I would have liked.


I’ve been hooked on the Brooks running shoes since I was at the store buying a new pair of running shoes a couple of years ago and the guy helping me out said that several people like the Brooks more than the brand I was trying and brought me a pair of equivalent Brooks shoes and I tried them on and I was in love. There has been no turning back since. I did try the more minimalist version for a short time but they don’t work for me. The feet and knees hurt after even short runs, I’ll stick with the Adrenaline or equivalent.

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2+ weeks post surgery

Its been a little over 2 weeks since my surgery. The first couple of weeks were uneventful and I thought this was going to be an even quicker recovery than my last surgery (about 1 1/2 years ago). The day before a planned short run, the knee started to hurt and it felt like the pre-surgery pain. The big difference between this time and last time was that we moved. The move means more stairs and walking the dog. It looks like all the extra stairs and walking was a little too much and the doctor believes that this caused an inflammation in knee causing the pain especially since I hadn’t gone for the run when the pain started. The cause could also be a weakness that could be helped by some physical therapy. I get the spend the next couple of days with ibuprofen  and ice to see if the pain reduces. Therapy might not be a bad idea but it is so time consuming especially since they will likely want me to go to their facility out by where I used to live, about 30 mins each way from new home. We’ll see how things go.

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