New trail shoes

I ordered a new pair of trail running shoes, not for the trails but for the winter to keep the cold and wet out during those fall and winter runs. I ordered, Cascadia 8. I didn’t realize that they were not a support shoe especially in the arch. Typically the shoes I use have a plastic webbing that leaves a gap in the tread between the ball and heel. These shoes are completely flat on the bottom and seem too flexible through the arch.

I didn’t wear them outside of around the living room because I didn’t want to get stuck with them. I guess I’ll just get another pair of the ASR Adrenaline. The shoes were comfortable but the shoes seem to be much softer than the regular running shoes since I only have 180 miles and the outside edge of the heel is worn much more than I would have liked.


I’ve been hooked on the Brooks running shoes since I was at the store buying a new pair of running shoes a couple of years ago and the guy helping me out said that several people like the Brooks more than the brand I was trying and brought me a pair of equivalent Brooks shoes and I tried them on and I was in love. There has been no turning back since. I did try the more minimalist version for a short time but they don’t work for me. The feet and knees hurt after even short runs, I’ll stick with the Adrenaline or equivalent.

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