Physical therapy, more trail shoes, and ladies night?

Physical Therapy

I had some pain in my knee before my first post-surgery run which I attributed to the incisions but it seemed to go beyond that. I contacted the doctor and he believes it is weak muscles. So its back to physical therapy for 4 weeks. Turns out to be a very informative first session in that that I learned that I have probably been wearing the wrong type of shoes. I have been wearing a support style running shoe just because when I first started running, I just went to the store and picked out a pair of shoes that looked good and were comfortable. The physical therapist recommended that I should be wearing a neutral running shoe instead. The initial visit, as usual, is more of a consultation with more talking than actual therapy. After the initial sessions it was mostly the usual exercises, stretching and icing with 1 major exception. I ran on a AlterG treadmill. They set the treadmill at 50% of my weight and I ran for 10 minutes at my usual pace but it felt very strange.

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More Trail Shoes

So I went to the running store to get some neutral trail shoes. I tried on several different pairs but stuck with Brooks. I got the Ghost 6 GTX. They are very comfortable after I got the right size, more on that later. They are also warmer for the winter cold and wet with the Gore-tex®. The instep has a bright green/yellow at the bottom that has gotten several comments, not the green and grey hasn’t been noticed but that bright stripe really stands out.

Ladies Night?

I bought my usual shoe size and wore them around the house for a couple of days and they were a little tight across the top of one foot. I went back to the store on Thursday night to exchange them for the next size up and found out it was ladies night. I didn’t even know they had a ladies night at the running store. I got a few weird looks but they still spent the few minutes necessary to try on the new size and exchange my shoes. This is a fairly small running store and there were probably 20 ladies in there including the 2-3 women working, much more crowded than I’ve seen it before.

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