I’m a software engineering manager for a large automotive supplier in Southeast Michigan. I manage a team of software engineers located in the US, Poland, Germany, and India. The differences in time zones and languages is a constant challenge but learning about the diverse cultures including my work with Japanese OEMs prior to this assignment has been very gratifying.

I became a runner in 2009. I have run occasionally and as part of other sports but was not really a runner until then. Even now I resist calling myself a runner, I usually say that I run instead. I ran my first (and only so far) marathon in October 2012 and have run several half-marathons among other races including the Great Lakes Relay, http://www.greatlakesrelay.com/, and Dances with Dirt – Hell, http://www.dwdhell.com/.

I don’t write much or well, see the part where I’m in engineering above. I’m trying to write more in the hopes improving.

Other places to find me:
Google Plus

Thanks to rundmach for the theme, after seeing her blog I like the theme and the text block for the next race.

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  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the info on the fuel belts and the shout out for the theme! Site looks good 🙂
    Happy Running!!!

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