First Ride of the year

I’ve been focused on my running due to the half marathon coming up. Today I went out on the bike for the first time of the year since the knee has been hurting a little and I think I need muscle strength as the overall solution to the problem. Since we have many hills in the area it is good training for the quads. I’m still feeling out the bike since I only had a few rides last year with marathon training. I still need to figure out why at least once every ride the chain comes off when shifting to low gears for a hill climb. I think I need to figure out the proper adjustments for the shifters. Overall the ride felt good and the new GPS watch, FR210, did a good job but it is annoying to have to go through all the setup screens to get into speed display instead of pace display.

Went to the bike store after the ride to day to look at new tires in case I want to do some road training since I bought a mountain bike for the dirt roads around my house. Also I picked up a fork mounting block to start the process of putting the bike in the car. I didn’t want to buy a rack for the back of the car since I’m not sure how often I ‘ll take the bike on the road. If its in the car, I won’t have to worry about locking up the bike since it will be only in the car. I found this during my search and I plan to give this a try, hence the mounting block. I’ll had some shots of my cheap bike in the car when I get it done.

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